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Each e-book is a treasure trove of profound teachings and revelations that beckon you to read every word over and over again. Whether you're a seasoned prophetic enthusiast or just beginning your journey, these e-books promise to unravel the mysteries of the prophetic realm, guiding you through pages that resonate with divine inspiration. Get ready to embark on a journey where each word is a revelation, and every page leaves an indelible mark on your understanding of the prophetic. 

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When Prophecy Causes Pain


Is Your Prophecy Painfully Unfulfilled?
​Here's Why.

Ever experience deep disappointment with an unfulfilled personal prophecy? You’re not alone. Ever want to turn your back on prophecy all together because it was just too painful to deal with? Me too. Ever want to better understand exactly why your prophecy remained unfulfilled through no fault of your own? Then it’s time for you to understand the nature of personal prophecy. It’s different than you think.

How To Successfully Navigate The Spirit Realm

The Church of Jesus Christ

is incredibly gifted but she doesn’t know it. She is gift ignorant. She is clearly armed but hardly dangerous. This must change now before it’s too late. It’s time for her to take up arms now and attack - to go on the offensive – to effectively NAVIGATE in the spirit realm - to once again become a lethal warrior bride – gifted and skilled.

The Gifts Of The Spirit


A Practical Teaching About A Supernatural Lifestyle.

This is the same curriculum that Dennis teaches from his "Gifts" school on location at venues throughout the world. Each believer has a clear biblical responsibility and privilege to operate in the I Corinthians 12 gifts. A renaissance or restoration of the gifts is headed our way, and all believers better prepare themselves more completely to experience them personally. So get ready!