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Warring With Prophecy

A refreshingly blunt and sometimes revealing guide to assist you when your personal prophecies run into some difficulties. This classic teaching will calm you and encourage you about your prophetic destiny. It's time for you to go on the offensive! How? You must begin to war with your prophecies! It's time to war with your prophecies! Here's how...
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The Love Of God
70% of the Body of Christ simply does not know the love of God. Are you one of them?
This message will permanently change your perspective of how God really feels about you. God not only loves you, He likes you too! Get the inside scoop of your heavenly Fathers' emotions towards his kids!
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How To Re-Supernaturalize Your Life

Most believers have been ripped off spiritually and they don't even know it! Find out how this spiritual crime takes place in your life and what you can do about it before it's too late. You're just five steps away from re-supernaturalizing your life!

Jesus said, 'The thief came to steal.' Have you been ripped off?       

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The Creative Power Of Your Personal Prophecy

In this classic teaching, Prophet Dennis Cramer expertly reveals the truths of how prophecy can actually release your personal God-given destiny. You will learn that God has already been to your future!                                                

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The Bread Of Life

100% pure100% spontaneous100% prophetic message delivered during a major prophetic conference. No notes, no script, just the 'word of the Lord!' Find out what Jesus actually meant when He called Himself 'The Bread of Life.' Includes anointed spontaneous worship.