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Dive deep into an unparalleled treasure trove of audio teachings, where each word resonates with the profound wisdom of prophetic ministry. Our collection is a harmonious blend of transformative insights, as captured at live Dennis Cramer events. Whether you're a seasoned seeker of divine knowledge or just beginning your journey into prophetic mysteries, these premium audio teachings promise an experience that invites you to read every word over and over. Let the power of spoken wisdom guide you on a journey where each utterance carries the weight of revelation, leaving an indelible imprint on your spiritual path. 
Explore the Premium Audio Collection and embark on a continuous loop of enlightenment that beckons you to revisit the teachings time and again. 

Your quest for deeper understanding starts here!

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How To Catch Your Mantel

It's Time To Realize You Are A Carrier!

What exactly do you carry? Where did it come from? What do you do with it? These are critical questions for today.

Listen to Prophet Cramer's most inspirational full length teaching on the need to identify and activate your personal God-given supernatural "mantel" today.

Urgent: You are a carrier of God's Power, gifting's, and authority, so learn how to catch and use your "mantel" today!

The Discursive (Random) Nature of Personal Prophecy

Personal Prophecy Can Be Full Of Suprise's...

Are you struggling with the fulfillment of personal prophecies? Many believers are. Even today prophets will see and report significant events without being aware of the separation in time between these events and may cover a wide variety of unrelated subjects in any single prophecy.

Learn that accurate prophecy is seldom sequential, chronological, orderly, or organized from a human perspective. Prophecy is both reliable and discursive! And discursive is good!

Insignificant Prophecies:

Is There Such A Thing?

Listen to these incredible true testimonies from Prophet Cramer's ministry...

proving there is no such thing as an "Insignificant" prophetic word from God. These powerful real-life stories will amaze, inform, and even entertain you, thus increasing your confidence in the prophet's awesome ministry in the Church today!

You will never receive or give an "Insignificant" word from God. WHY? There simply is no such thing!

Prophecies Dreams and Visions

How God Leads

Discover The True Purpose...

 for your prophecies, dreams, and visions. Each can be reliable forms of divine guidance, BUT, there is usually a surprise or two along the way!

Prophecy or Divination. What's The Difference?

Here it is...

One of the most riveting Bible teachings on the genuine vs. the false in prophetic ministry. Learn about the important differences between the Spirit of God and the spirit of Python!  Listen to a Prophet's warning to the church about the rampant spread of divination!

A Destiny To Lead

Are you "called" to ministry, business or government?

Successful leadership for the Christian, whether in the religious field, corporate arena, or in government, is ultimately about your anointing - God's effective working presence.

This "anointing" consists of His manifest power, His generous spiritual giftings, His awesome grace, and His supernatural abilities (natural and spiritual) operating in and through your life. Simply stated, for the Christian, there is no success outside your anointing.

Defeating The Demon Of Fear

A very powerful three-point biblical strategy designed to finally defeat fear and its reoccurring influence in your life. And as an added bonus track, over 30 minutes of fear defeating scripture narrated over soothing music to relax your soul and infuse your spirit.

Great Grace

What It Is  | Where You Get It  | Why You Need It  |  How You Can Loose It

99% of today's church has virtually no idea what grace is. Finally, discover exactly what grace is and why you desperately need all of it you can get.

It is time for YOU to experience Great Grace too!

Like A Rushing Mighty Wind

Experience a powerful live service as Dennis ministers on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. Learn his 100% successful, money back guaranteed, fool proof, tested over time, incredibly easy, amazingly simple, step by step biblical method of how anyone can successfully receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues every single time!

As an extra-added bonus, the second part is almost 40 minutes of anointed music with narrated scriptures having to do with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. After listening to the teaching, put on the music in your player and fill your spirit clear to the top!

Nine Biblical Boundaries To Prophecy

Sorry But Prophecy Is Not A Magic Wand

Have we expected too much of prophets and prophecy?  Probably we all have.  Discover the biblical limitations to prophetic ministry based on 27 years of experience by a New Testament prophet.  One of the most endorsed teachings by pastors across the U.S. If you are currently looking for balance in prophetic ministry, this teaching is a must for all aspiring prophetic servants. This timely teaching is sure to become Dennis' next best selling book